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Frequently Asked Questions

Cash on delivery or PayTm for instant orders and Advance for Subscription.

We do allow canceling an order 4 hours before your slot for subscription users and 10 mins after for instant orders.

Very much we stick to your preferred slots and its 7PM-8PM8PM-9PM9PM-10PM

As its home based and no machine used we are not accurate on the size but its standard size of  5 to 6-inch diameter.

We act promptly as soon as get ordered and its usually takes 30 mins to 1 hour to delivered your fresh phulka ( Roti ).


About us

Every cuisine has a story to tell, probably a tale of taste and health. India has a great legacy of quality food culture; the present day generation may be unaware of that rich food habits. For us, food means something that gives us energy and prevents the body from ailments, indeed, taste matters. You may feel we’re just another food venture.

But we call ourselves an enterprise with a purpose. When taste and health meet women empowerment, there starts the story of Fresh Phulka. We experiment the possibilities of startup and entrepreneurship with the idea of women empowerment.

Our country is growing in an unprecedented manner to become an economic power house, and the role of women matters a lot there. Only with the empowerment of ordinary women, Indian can take her growth to next level. Women need to be financially independent, self-reliant, and should be the drivers of economic transformation.

Fresh Phulka is based in Bangalore, the city which is known for its innovativeness and open startup culture, and our story begins with empowering women socially and financially. With the tagline of 'Home-made Fresh Phulkas at Your Door Step' the company gives employment to hundreds of women in the city. The yummy Phulka has always been a part of Bangaloreans’ diet. So providing it fresh and tasty with an entrepreneurship culture make sense, that’s what we’re aiming. Following the successful business models of Home Delivery system, Fresh Phulka will reach to the city’s nook and corners.

How you can order Fresh Phulkas?

Fresh Phulkas reach your hands after many quality checks at various levels of preparation. For us, more than quantity, quality matters. Fresh Phulka is working on ''order via phone' system.  One can give their order by calling or messaging to 9036033119. After giving your order within minutes, Fresh Phulka delivery guys will be at your door steps with the items. Simple way to enjoy your food!

We accept bulk orders of Phulkas for parties and other functions. The company also has tie ups with leading hotels in the city to provide yummy Phulkas.

Phulka is a specific type of roti, which is partly cooked on a tava (flat skillet) and partly on an open flame, leading the phulka to balloon up. Most Indian meals may have Phulka as starter.
Here’re some of the health benefits of Phulkas:

  1. The soluble fibre in Phulka helps clean plaque from blood vessels and prevents constipation
  2. Phulka digests easily
  3. Phulka contains plenty of proteins to help build and maintain muscled
  4. It has almost no fat
  5. Vitamin E, soluble fibre and selenium in Phulkas help reduce the risk of cancer
  6. Phulka is rich in vitamin (B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9), iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium etc.
  7. Low in calories, so it keeps you healthy

Mission and vision

Business success through women empowerment is the primary mission of Fresh Phulka. At the primary stage, we aim to create a network of 1000 hotels, as consumers of Fresh Phulka. We have a noble vision to create a healthy diet habit among the metro people with a strong message of women empowerment.

Now when you decide to live healthy, you are also become a part of our women empowerment movement. This is an attempt to create a vibrant community to spearhead the movement of a healthy lifestyle with entrepreneurship credentials. Join with us….

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