10 incredible phulka roti benefits you must add to avail to stay healthy

10 incredible phulka roti benefits you must add to avail to stay healthy

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Who does not like to eat hot phulka rotis in the square meals of the day? Roti is the part and parcel of Indian meals that cannot be excluded or replaced with anything. Here is the list of health benefits you can avail from eating phulka roti in your daily meals.

Health benefits of phulka rotis
Improves digestive power
The high fiber content in wheat enhances bowel movement and promotes proper digestion of food. The gut flora and fauna also gets an immense support from the consumption of roti. Consuming phulka roti will improve your digestive power.

Preventing cardiovascular diseases
Wheat contains plant lignans. These lignans increases the level of defensive lignan in our system and avoids the possibility of heart attack. Dietary fiber from wheat also reduces blood pressure. The good fat present in the whole grains also reduces the bad cholesterol level in blood.

Liver detoxification
The high level antioxidants and fiber enable the liver to detoxify itself. A properly functioning liver means your blood will be free from impurities. The entire body will remain free from toxins. Your cellular functions will also become better.

Post menopausal symptoms
Whole wheat chapattis and phulka roti in Bangalore from Fresh Phulka will provide ample protein, minerals and fiber that aid the postmenopausal women to fight the symptoms. It also aids in managing weight and maintain the hormonal balance.

Childhood asthma
A wheat based diet can reduce the chances of asthma in the childhood. Eating rotis enables a child to resist bronchial hyper-responsiveness. The child builds up a normal physiology that is less prone to the formation of asthma.
Colon cancer
As mentioned earlier, the lignan present in the whole grains are responsible to avoid cancer. It has been found that the biochemical compound mimics few hormones and promote the proper functioning of the colon. The risk of cancer is alleviated to a considerable extent.
Roti offers a balanced amount of protein and less amount of carbohydrate. It has been found that women get more benefited from the consumption of rotis regarding weight control. The overweight or obese individuals are suggested eating rotis so as to control the calorie intake every day.
Musculoskeletal health
The protein and minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus present in the whole grain phulkas keep your muscles and bones healthy. The controlled level of sodium and potassium in wheat also maintains your muscular tonicity and neuromuscular functions properly.

Avoid chronic inflammation
Wheat contains betaine, a compound that reduces chronic inflammation in certain cases of rheumatic pains. Wheat imparts anti-inflammatory contents to the food that enables the arthritic patients to get relief from the pain.
Eye, skin and hair
Vitamin E and selenium take care of your skin. Zinc keeps your hair healthy. Niacin, vitamin E, and zinc prevent macular degeneration and cataract formation in your eyes.
Wrapping up
Eating hot and fresh phulka roti in Bangalore from Fresh Phulka will keep you healthy. You will be able to forget stress by eating the fresh roti in your mouth at the end of the day. Add phulkas to your diet and stay healthy.

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