A Guide to the Preparation of Tasty, Healthy Phulkas

A Guide to the Preparation of Tasty, Healthy Phulkas

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

A Guide to the Preparation of Tasty, Healthy Phulkas

In today’s world of expenses, every single member has to earn their livings. Your family is no exception to that. Earlier all the women’s in a house indulges in cooking, but now with changed time, you have to go out to work. In an erratic lifestyle rolling rotis is tiring task for you. Consumption of junk food every day comes along with loads of health problems. At such a critical juncture, how you wish to have someone who could prepare fresh chapattis for you and your family.
Escape from strenuous rolling of rotis
Well, it’s possible to turn your dream into reality. Now you can enjoy readymade chapati only by relaxing at your place in freshphulka.com to get the service at your doorstep. So, say goodbye to exhausting sessions of rolling adequate numbers of rotis every day. Except on holidays, if you want to surprise every member of your family with delicious soft phulkas, then here is an easy recipe for you to follow.
Preparing the dough
To prepare the dough of phulka, you need to take the required amount of whole multi-grain flour. Make a hole in the heap and add oil in the centre. Oil prevents the mixture from getting putrid easily. Addition of ghee instead of oil enhances the taste of your phulkas, so don’t miss it if you want to get an extra complement from your beloved ones. Now add warm water in sufficient amount to mix the flour thoroughly and prepare soft dough. Lukewarm water is necessary to raise the dough and makes the phulkas soft. After you have properly kneaded your dough to make as smooth as possible, you can leave it covered for few minutes to make it springy.

The rolling process
Snip off a small portion of the dough and roll it between your palms to give the shape of small balls. After you prepare some small circular balls, then take one of them and place it on rolling disc and dust little flour. You can now start to roll the balls and try to maintain an even circular shape. If you are a starter, then it’s the best option to go for readymade chapati, but with time you will become an expert. At this point be very careful that your roti should not get puncture anywhere. You must also avoid using an excess of dusting flour.

Roast on pan
Once you complete the rolling process, and then heat a pan. Now start roasting the chapati, on a medium flame. Make sure that your chapati must not turn to deep color. Just a little heating is enough.

Heating on fire
After the preparation of chapati, you need to burn it on direct flame. It is when your unleavened rotis will be puffed up into beautiful phulkas. Do not go for excessive heating at this step, as it might give a smoky flavour and will add bitterness.

Serve tasty piping phulkas
Your phulkas are now ready to be served on the platter. You can enjoy it with any vegetable curry or simply with dal.

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