About Us


Every cuisine has its own story and that is nothing but a tale of health and taste. Our country carries the greatest legacy of food culture that has quality. However, generation presently or the millenials as we call them, may be unaware of food habits that are rich.


For Freshphulka.com food is something that is the essence of our being, a thing that provides energy to us an also prevents body from all kinds of ailments. We mean it when we say that we are just not any other food venture because Freshphulka.com is an enterprise that has a purpose. When health and taste meet empowerment of

women, our journey begins. We experiment possibilities of entrepreneurship and startup with women empowerment at its core.


Women’s role is an important aspect of a country that has continued to grow in a manner that is unprecedented. This is because the role is pivotal. When there is empowerment of the ordinary women, our country can register itself to the process of constant progress. Women have to be independent financially and must be drivers on this big economic transformation journey.


Fresh Phulka is based in the city of Bangalore and this is a city that is renowned for culture of open startup and innovativeness. Our starts and ends with making women empowered so much so that can be decision makers.


With our tagline of “Home-made Phulkas, fresh on the door step” our company provides employment opportunities to many women residing in the city. Also, phulkas have been made an inseparable part of any Bangalorean’s diet. Therefore, providing rotis, tasty and fresh with culture of entrepreneurship makes a lot of sense. This is what we aim for.


We are following successful models of business and thus started delivering phulkas at homes making them reach in the city’s nooks and corners.