Different Types of Chapattis to Serve Your Plate

Different Types of Chapattis to Serve Your Plate

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Different Types of Chapattis to Serve Your Plate

Can you name one Indian who does not like to have chapattis? I am sure there’s none. Everyone loves to enjoy the hot, smoky flavor of healthiest unleavened flatbread that traveled right from your kitchen and occupies the central place on plates. It is in the genes of Indians to prepare amazing dishes with magical combinations of petty ingredients. Chapattis is an example of such an item that only requires wheat flour and water to get prepared, and the lip-smacking taste it offers to get appreciation from all members of your family. Know about the different types of chapattis that adds sumptuousness in your meals.
It is round leavened chapatti that needs to cook on direct heat after roasting on tawa to give a puffiness of steam inside it. It has all the goodness of wheat and keeps you away from cardiovascular and other severe diseases. With homemade fresh phulkas online, you can enjoy hot rotis every day on your plate and stay healthy naturally.
Butter roti
It is extremely easy to prepare and yet taste like heaven. After you place an order of homemade fresh phulkas online and get the delivery apply butter on top of it, for more peek at freshphulka.com where you get to know more innovative ideas to make your phulkas more delicious. The extra coating of butter is good for bone health and skin.

Rumali Roti
Rumal refers to handkerchief in Hindi, a roti having its name means it can get folded like real owing to its extreme softness. You can prepare this by using all-purpose flour on an inverted tawa, but never forget to maintain a thin texture which is its exceptional feature. Though it requires skill to make it perfect with practice, you can win the battle.

Tandoori Roti
It is a special roti which needs tandoor to prepare, hence derived its name. It is a cylindrical oven made from clay mainly used for baking. After you make soft dough with flour and water, make a disc and place it in this specialized baking vessel to get delicious soft tandoori rotis. Never miss placing a scoop of butter before you take a bite of that smoky thing.

Akki roti
Made with rice flour, Chana dal, coriander leaves green chilies and mixed with spices along and sprinkled with coconut gratings, this south Indian roti will linger on your taste buds for years after consumption. It gets cooked on pan or tawa and served on top of the banana leaf to give it mesmerizing look.

Bajra ki roti
A favorite dish of North Indian population, made from millets with all goodness of the cereal intact in that flattened bread to give you a tasty roti. Get the taste of this amazing food rich in silicon to stay healthy and fit.

Relish Indian cuisine
Whether it is a wedding party, birthday celebration or some other memorable occasion to celebrate, a sumptuous feast is necessary to make it more entertaining. To top it all Indian dishes are incomplete with chapattis; it is a must item to enjoy with all side dishes.

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