Health Benefits from Various Types of Homemade fresh phulkas

Health Benefits from Various Types of Homemade fresh phulkas

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018
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You are well aware of the health benefits of the rotis. But are you aware of the fact that each type of roti that you make has separate health impacts? Usually, the beneficial factor of the roti depends on its component. Indians make a variety of rotis using different elements which have an individual positive impact on your health. So it goes without saying that you can try the different types of phulkas that will give you a change of taste along with wholesome health advantages.

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Multigrain Roti

The regular roti that you eat at the lunch and dinner times are of wheat flour make. But the popular chapati home delivery Bangalore is now offering multigrain rotis too instead of only the wheat flour stuff. The food enthusiasts have turned their attention towards the wide variety of grains that are available in the Indian market. With more and more individuals aiming to include multi grains in their diet, the new trend is all about using the grains in making the regular chapattis. Consumption of the grains boosts your digestive system. It also comes as a welcome taste changer for the monotonous wheat taste.

Methi Roti

The methi roti uses the methi or fenugreek leaves for its making. The fenugreek leaves are one of the richest sources of saponins that are steroidal. The saponins can quickly lower the bad cholesterol level o your body. Fresh phulka is one of the best chapati home delivery Bangalore which specializes in making the methirotis. The taste is pleasantly bitter. These rotis have high fiber content that helps in regularization of the bowel movement. There are plenty of antioxidants I the component which overall develops the condition of your health. The antioxidants have a preventive behavior against cancers.

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Palak Rotis

Using the spinach for making the phulkas is another trending style. The spinach is a power-packed substance that comes with a big package of fitness benefits. The leaves contain zeaxanthin and lutein pigments that help to reduce any problems regarding eyesight. Your vision will improve with the continuous intake of the palakrotis due to the Vitamin A and Iron of the leafy vegetable. You can prevent cataract and many other age-related eye problems occurring from muscular degeneration by eating the palak chapattis. The older you get, the more you should start having these phulkas to ensure that your muscle aging slows down considerably.

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Ajwain Roti

The brown colored ajwain or carom seed might be very small in size, but it can enhance the taste, smell, and health efficiency of the rotis. If you tend to suffer from indigestion regularly, then you can try having the ajwain roti once or twice in a day. The seed can cure any abdominal discomfort including burning sensation in the stomach, pain from indigestion, and other such issues. When you have a cough and cold, these rotis will taste better as well as work as a medicine for treating the common cold. To cure ear pains, add some salt to your ajwain roti and wait for the magical result.

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