How To Make The Perfect Hot & Soft Chapati

How To Make The Perfect Hot & Soft Chapati

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

How To Make The Perfect Hot & Soft Chapati

A square meal and a roof over the head is the dream of every hard-working person. Nothing seems to be more soothing a plate full of hot phulka rotis along with your favorite dish is presented after a long hectic day. The entire day’s tension and lethargy vanish instantly. There is a difference between a roti and a chapati. Both are conventional varieties of Indian flat bread but the process of making them is a little different from each other.

It is tough to make a perfectly-soft and hot chapati from the very beginning. Even if you have the access to the recipe, it will take some time to master the skill and come up with hot and soft chapatis all the time. The same stands true for the phulka rotis. To make them fluffy and puffy during the toasting time, you will have to make the perfect dough.

Recipe for phulkas and chapatis

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If you are up for a phulka roti and chapati tutorial then follow the steps below to master the skill.


For 10 to 12 rotis or chapatis, you will need:

  1. 2 cups of whole wheat flour
  2. Half teaspoon salt.
  3. A tablespoon refined vegetable oil
  4. A cup full of hot water. You can increase the amount depending on the demand.
  • Whether you want to make roti or chapati, you will need whole grain wheat flour, a little oil, warm water, and salt.

  • Mix flour (as per your requirement) with a pinch of salt and add a little bit of refined vegetable oil in it. Pour lukewarm water in little amount and continuously mix the ingredients. Mix until all the ingredients stick together and form a uniform dough. Add water cautiously so that it does not become a sticky paste. Even if you have accidentally poured more water, you can compensate by adding a dry flour to it.

  • Knead until the entire mixture becomes soft and elastic. Use your fist to mash the dough, again and again, to make it more uniform and soft. It all depends on the kneading. The more you spend time, the better rotis you will make. For beginners, kneading for 5 to 7 minutes is enough.

  • Keep the kneaded flour in the same container and cover it with a partially-wet clean cloth for half an hour. The flour will become softer.

  • Make ten equal dough and use a rolling pin and dry flour to flatten them.

  • Transfer it to a non-stick pan and toast them over medium heat.

  • When the rotis are hot, place one roti on high flame to make them puffy. When brown spots appear and the rotis start puffing up, you are done.

In a nutshell

Follow the recipe for making phulka rotis and make every meal special. If you are unable to arrange the ingredients, you can always avail phulka roti in Bangalore online.

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