How To Make The Perfect Hot & Soft Chapati

How To Make The Perfect Hot & Soft Chapati

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

How ToKeep Chapati Soft For Long Time

Chapatti eaters have a reason to enjoy while gorging on soft and yummy rotis but the enjoyment can disappear in a second when it feels hard to chew the pieces. Roti making is an art as the softness determines how good you have been at it. Whether it is the first time or you have been through with the procedure of roti making, you have to follow the methods cautiously to keep the chapattis soft for a long time. The procedure of making chapatti begins with kneading the wheat flour to prepare the dough. The following steps help you keep the chapattis soft.
Kneading the dough
You have to take desired amount of wheat flour and salt in a container for kneading the dough. Mix wheat flour with salt and add lukewarm water to it slowly and start pressing the ingredients gently. You can also add a little bit of milk with water or curd to make the dough appropriate for making soft chapattis. Try to feel the dough with your finger as you reach the completion of the process. Make sure that it is not too loose or hard. However, if you cannot find enough time to devote for making chapattis, the best option is to go for ready to eat fresh phulka roti online for which you have to place order online.
Treating the dough
The dough is to be left for some time about twenty to thirty minutes before you start making balls of equal proportion. While making the balls, you can feel the consistency of the dough. If it feels right, you can start making chapattis right away.When you are hungry, you can take a look at to get ready to eat fresh phulkas that are soft and yummy. For an array of chapatti lovers, this online service has stayed consistent with their delivery schedules.

Storing the chapattis
The way in which you store the chapattis can make a difference. There are special boxes available for storing them. Alternatively, you can put them on the casserole allowing them to stay hot and soft. While placing it in a container, you can keep the stack of chapattis covered with a soft and clean cloth that prevents air from entering and the rotis remain as soft and yummy as they can be.

Making the chapattis
The procedure of making chapattis is not difficult. All that is needed is patience right from the beginning. Whether it is kneading the dough or the rest of the procedure,do not rush as it can spoil the texture of the chapattis and destroy the softness.

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