Rice and Roti which is good for Health for every season

Rice and Roti which is good for Health for every season

Friday, March 29th, 2019

Rice and Roti which is good for Health for every season

Rotis and rice are both considered best staples foods for the Indian diet. The meal of yours is never complete with anyone of the two missing. However, the argument about which is cores higher and is better than the latter, has been the most persistent argument. While many people prefer rice for easy digestion, many choose to have rotis as it is slightly more filling besides also keeps you satiated. For making life a lot easier, it has to be decided as to which one must be eaten. Here are the cons and pros of each broken down. With the differentiation below, you will be able to make out as to which one serves best.

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Benefits of roti

Rotis comprise of high content of fiber and thus they are considered an excellent choice for a meal that is nutritious and good. When you opt for Phulka Roti delivery Bangalore, you can be assured or rotis that are high in complex healthy fats as well as protein in high amounts. This is needed by body for breaking down and providing sufficient energy. Also, the rotis, help one keeping satiated for extended time periods because of this. They contain a lot of magnesium and calcium besides they are excellent options for diabetics as levels of blood sugar are no raised on their consumption. If by any chance, you are an obese individual, chapattis tend to be the best option as they keep you full and you do not indulge in binge diets.

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Limited cons

It can get slightly challenging to digest complex fats and fibers, especially if you face a lot of digestion problems. People that have intestinal issues cannot ingest rotis and feel that comfortable.

Benefits of rice

Rice can be digested easily and probably it is one of the best foods that can be eaten during an incident of stomach upset. It contains folate in high amounts which is a water-soluble vitamin considered, really good for your health. However the cons weigh more in case of rice and they are all stated below.

Demerits of rice

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Devoid of nutrients

Rice that is commercially available is called white rice and is eaten by most people. Color of the rice looks really white as its outer layer(husk) gets removed when the processing Method is on. This causes rice to lose maximum amount of micro nutrients and they get washed away in the process. It can be confidently said that white rice is ripped off from essential vitamins like B complex, calcium and so on. rice also does not contain sodium or phosphorus however they can be separately added.


Have you felt any kind of lethargy after rice is eaten? This is completely true especially because rice has the tendency to increase the levels of blood sugar because it possesses high glycemic index. This causes rice in being not an ideal food for the diabetics.

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Final verdict

Both the rice and rotis are essential so that healthy diets can be maintained. While rotis are very rich in complex kind of carbohydrates and high in both nutrients as well as fiber, rice tends to be more digestible.




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